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What are your Daily Practices? — 1 Comment

  1. *In theory* (as I do not always observe all of these all of the time)
    A Daily quarterly mediation at Dawn, Dusk Noon and Midnight.I generally manage three of the four, though which three seems to rotate.

    There are also a serie of roughly a dozen visualizations that I attempt work monthly; these are related to specific lore and practices of my primary Path.

    Some of my practices are daily, some are monthly, most are seasonal. Some are tenets of my primary Path (which is traditionalist witchcraft), some are secondary practices, such as those I’ve learned in my study of Bon Buddhism. A few I’ve just stumbled across while weeding the garden.

    What do they bring me? A further connection to my initiatory paths, a deeper understanding of me and how I connect and relate to the world around.