As with many other Traditions of the Craft, N.E.C.T.W. has adopted an eightfold “Wheel of the Year” to mark seasonal changes.

Our interpretation of this Wheel is given below.

    1. Yule/Winter Solstice (Festival of the Sun) – We greet the beginning of the New Year with the Yule log and decorate the altar with mistletoe, holly, pine cones and nuts.

    2. Candlemas (Festival of Flame) – We prepare for our Lady that she might find her way back to us after her repose in the darkness.

    3. Spring Equinox (Festival of the Lady) – We welcome the Goddess with flowers of spring and colored eggs on the altar.

    4. Beltane (Festival of Fertility) – We celebrate the time for the planting and nurturing of seeds and dance in the fields.

    5. Summer Solstice (Festival of the Faerie Folk) – Also known as Midsummer, a time to dance and make merry in the abundance of nature.

    6. Lammas (Festival of Corn) – We celebrate the harvest as the Lady prepares to take her time of rest.

    7. Fall Equinox (Festival of the Harvest) – We welcome Pan who has returned from the Summerland and make an offering of the harvest.

    8. Hallows (Festival of the Dead) – It is the time of the death of the year and a time when those departed souls can return to the earth to be with those they have left behind.