Raven is the Lady of Nemed Cuculatii since its founding in 1992, and previously the Lady of StarMist Cuveen from its inception in 1981, until it was closed by her. She is an Elder High Priestess in the New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches, a Mother, Grandmother and Mortician.

In her words ~~ “I originally started training under the Georgian Tradition, of which both Moondancer and Puck were Initiates, though Moondancer also had material from 1734, Plant Bran, the Welsh Tradition of New York, NECTW and Star Born. We worked mainly in an admixture of Georgian/Welsh/Star Born until 1984.During that summer I began to cull through my Book and discard anything that didn’t “speak” to my soul. What I was left with was a mixture of 1734, Welsh, Star Born, and NECTW. That Yule we met two people that played a big part in the changes that I next went through.

Murtagh and Gwethalyn were Initiates from the East Coast from TDD (Tuatha de Danann), a branch of the NECTW family tree. After months of talk and visits, they agreed to elevate Moondancer and myself to the Third Degree as a way to tie our two lines together.

From there to here has been a long strange journey (as Jerry Garcia once said) but the trip has been a good one. Somewhere around 1992 Moondancer and I flew to New York to visit with Gwion from the New York Welsh Tradition and Theitic of NECTW. There we spent an enjoyable weekend doing ritual, discussion, and shopping. The following year Theitic flew out to Seattle and spent a weekend talking with us, culminating in our being elevated to High Priestess and High Priest in NECTW.

Since that time, we have worked strictly within the NECTW framework and have used it in our training of students.”