The best, and most reliable method of contacting Nemed Cuculatii is via email.

Nemed Cuculatii, NECTW
Nemed Cuculatii

We also have email addresses that can be used for contact purposes —

  • General and study inquiries – info (info@) our website name
  • Moondancer/Ash (moondancer@) has an email address in this format.
  • Raven at present, rarely looks at email, however, an email to Ash with a request for forwarding to Raven will get her attention. 🙂
  • If you employ a spam filter *as sensible people do*, please add the domain address nemedcuculatii dot org to your whitelist filter, or check your spam folder for any response; once you have received that response, feel free to delist the domain as further communication will come from a different email address.
  • Speaking of SPAM, please also see our page detailing our own thoughts on the subject of unsolicited emails.