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Avatar image "Math Ap Mathonwy" by Mannanan of Dunure, Ayrshire Greetings and Blessed Be I am Math (pronounced like "Mayth" - it's Welsh). And I suppose that I shall start by telling you a bit about myself. I am basically your standard run-of-the-mill (mumble-something) year old - old school hippie, ex-outlaw biker, recovering alcoholic/drug addict and all around avid practicing Beatle/John Lennon fan. My hobbies consist of riding my motorcycle, and listening to my favorite kinds of music which are what the kiddies like to refer to as classic rock, Scottish/Irish Celt and Yanni. And my life's greatest passion, (drum roll please) being a practicing fam-trad witch. (No applause please, just throw money-lots of it.) Yes, I'm one of Raven's/Moondancer's young'uns an initiate of the N.E.C.T.W. and member of Nemed Cuculatii. I have been in and around (drawn to) witchcraft, pretty much most of my life (or should I say; this particular incarnation) I was drawn to it as a child even when I still thought it was something of the once-borns red-skinned, goateed bad guy. (Did I tell you? I am also deeply grateful recovering (ugh!) Catholic.) In the mid 70's I became drawn to a university district occult book shop by the name of Beltaine's which I didn't know it at the time would play a quite pivotal role in my life. The shop owner's Leon and Pat befriended me, and gratefully so steered me in the right direction. Unfortunately, smoking dope, doing lots of recreational drugs and drinking heavily (not to mention getting into the outlaw lifestyle ) would wind up taking over my life and screwing me up pretty bad. for the better part of 20 some years. Anyway, until about 1998, I had made a pretty righteous mess of my life, had drank myself out of my 2nd marriage and basically got told by doctors either quit or die, I decided to seek out my religious beliefs and find those who teach me. In doing that I was blessed with my teachers, mentors and now my H.Ps. and H.P. Lady Raven and Moondancer. I am very grateful, for being blessed first with them, my coven mates, Nemed Cuculatii, and my whole N.E.C.T.W. family. Goddess's Bright Blessings Math