Cover of Keepers of the Flame by  Morganna Davies and Aradia LynchFrom the Preface of the book,
some thoughts from Aradia Lynch

Some time ago my Elder, Morganna Davies, was talking with the owner of a New-Age bookstore who told her that Traditional Craft as Morganna knew it was non-existent. Furthermore, that it never had existed, only having been invented in the past fifty years, and that the only real Craft today is what is being offered by the public Pagan community at large. She was also told that there is no longer a need for traditional training since so many fine books are available today. At first, Morganna was taken aback by this attitude and disheartened, but then realized that as long as she still drew breath, Traditional Craft continued to live. She began to wonder how many other Traditional people were having similar experiences. During this same period of time, a number of hereditary Witches who had been working “underground” began to surface. Morganna and I felt it was time that Traditional voices were heard again and, with that in mind, we decided to publish a book based on interviews with Traditional people……

We believe that there are people in the Pagan community who are looking for a deeper level of commitment than what that community has to offer. To those who genuinely seek, we hope this book will let them know we are alive and well and that it will be a beacon of light to help them connect with Traditional Craft. We offer this book to all those who are yearning for something deeper than what they have been able to find……

We are as alive as ever,
……….and we still Keep the Flame.

Keepers of the Flame © All Rights Reserved, 2001

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